Marci Siebzener

There are lots of trainers out there. So what makes Marci different, and why is she the right choice for you.

What do all great trainers possess?


  • Education:  They know what to do and how to do it. They never stop researching
  • Certification:  They attain the proper credentials for what they teach.
  • Experience:  They work with diverse ages, body types and personalities.
  • Inspiring attitude:  They have a personality that motivates you to push yourself.
  • Personal experience:  Nothing replaces the empathy of having worked thru the same personal issues.
  • History of results:  They have references you can speak with to find out about their experiences.

Marci Siebzener,  is an accomplished, world class fitness instructor, and personal trainer that motivates and inspires great change in all clients she works with. She specializes in effective fat burning workouts for women of all ages and total body conditioning.

Marci struggled with her weight throughout her late teens, and has worked hard to overcome and strengthen herself. Having 5 kids and being a full time mom, Marci is well aware of the challenges that each pregnancy (gaining weight and then having to lose it) brings. She is uniquely experienced having worked hard to bounce back after four natural births and one C-section. She clearly understands the physical challenges of the women’s body and the parenting pressures of a busy household. She knows how important your workout time is.

Marci studied and practiced countless workout methods and has become an expert at the top techniques in fitness industry. She is a certified personal trainer by World Instructor Training School, a member of I.D.EA. Health and Fitness Association, a Certified Boot Camp Instructor, and a Certified R.I.P.P.E.D instructor. Marci is committed to giving you the dream body you deserve.

Marci developed her specific training routine designed to make every minute you spend with her count. From start to finish she gives you all she has in energy, experience, knowledge, and empowerment.  If you commit and work hard, you will see great results. Marci trains women ranging from the early teens to the mid 60s. From high school kids to grandmas and everyone in between, she can motivate and inspire you to improve your body.

The thing about fitness is–It’s not about how long you train, it’s about how you train. All of her sessions, private or boot camp, include cutting edge cardio training, weight training and resistance training. She employs techniques that are used by Hollywood models and actresses and advanced fitness trainers all over the world. It will challenge you no matter what your current fitness level.

These are not dance classes! They are not yoga classes or routine cardio classes. These are intense fat blasting body toning workouts. If you come to her class or train privately and commit to coming, you will see fantastic results. Yes, there will be sweat, hard work and challenges. Don’t fool yourself – there is no other road to this success. But with struggle and challenge comes change. And with change, comes joy.

You will love the new you. The stronger, slimmer, fitter, dream body, best shape of your life – you!

The you that fits into the clothes you want to wear!

The you that people look at and go WOW! What have you been doing? You look fabulous!

The fit, empowered you!

The you you want to be!

Don’t just dream it. LIVE IT! You can do it and Marci can help you get there!

No more talking. It’s time to take action! Email Marci for your evaluation. Start now on your road to your dream body!